May 15, 2008

Iron Man

Iron Man

For those few of you that haven’t seen it (Iron Man made over $100 Million opening weekend so there can’t be that many of you out there), go see the movie now.

At Milestogofromhere you know we are movie buffs, so I had to post about it even though there really isn’t much to the site yet. An ulterior motive of mine is to test the image capabilities of the new WordPress as well as the theme I am using (eventually I will build my own theme for the

site, but to get the site up and running I downloaded a theme).

As I stated below, I will build the site as I have time. The next few months are going to be pretty crazy for us, but I will update the site as much as I can. Including a new tool that will bring the blog back under my control and not make it just a photo gallery for Caleb…I can’t give you all of the details yet, but stay tuned.