May 22, 2008

Quick Post

OK, this has to be a really quick post, but I wanted to let you know what was going on.

First, I have published several pictures on our site using a photoblog application. Check out the links to the right to see our pictures.

Second, if you have not heard, go to to read about what happened and please be praying for Steven Curtis Chapman and his family.

Third, let it be known that the real American Idol, David Cook won last night (by 12 million votes from a total of 97 million votes) on American Idol.

Finally, I wanted to rant really quick about Charter Communications. We have our cable, phone, and internet through Charter. Yesterday morning, everything was working great, I was able to get my email, get on the internet, everything was hunky dory. Then, I went to work out. When I got home the internet was down. Thinking it was Vista and I knew that I had gotten an update the day before, I tried all sorts of things, then I did what I should have done and went upstairs to our other laptop and noticed that it wasn’t connecting either. I called Charter (I had to find our phone book first since we always use the internet to look everything up) and found out there was an outage in my area. Then, it asked if I wanted a phone call when the internet was back up. I thought it would be a good idea so I said yes. Later in the day, I was testing a website I was building on my laptop so I fired up my internet browser to point it at my local website and viola there is…our internet was back up (keep in mind this was at about 3:00 PM yesterday afternoon). Guess when I got the phone call…9:44 AM this morning, a good 18 hours after the internet came back…way to go Charter.

Anyway, I have to head to the gym to whip my

big booty into shape…Have a great day and enjoy the pictures.