June 12, 2008

Oh, the weather outside is frightful


Tuesday night we had a delightful fire (thanks Mike & Penny for the fire pit), but the weather tonight is pretty bad… First, let me roll back to Sunday. We were at a graduation party as this storm front was rolling in.

Cloud front rolling in.

Here’s another view of it as it rolls towards us.

Through the weekend we were worried that we would get water in our basement. We rarely get water in our basement, but when we do it usually comes in through the window next to my office but we didn’t get any so we were relieved. Then, I went to get something out of our storage area on Tuesday night and found out we had gotten water in our storage area, but really all we lost were some cardboard boxes so we made out pretty well.

We are in the middle of another round of storms, most of you who read know about the waterway next to our house…it usually looks like this.

Caleb at a picnic in the culvert

You can see that the commons area is usually wide enough around the culvert that we had 2 picnic tables for people to sit at and plenty of room behind them…the culvert is that cement thing in the background.

Here is the culvert and common area tonight.


So far we do not have any water in our house, but the storm isn’t over yet, please pray with us and for the families affected by the storms. Have a great night.