July 5, 2008

More Pictures…

OK, so I was told that people were having a hard time figuring out where pictures were so I will once again let pictures take over the blog.  I know we haven’t posted pictures in awhile, but things have been a little bit busy.  So I won’t keep jabbering because all you come here for is the pictures anyway.  I’m just kidding, I know some of you come here for my witty banter, but unfortunately, this post is not for you.  I will post witty banter some other time.  Here are a couple pictures of Caleb on tractor at breakfast on the farm.

Caleb on a tractor

Caleb on the tractor from a different angle.

With some of his money Caleb was able to purchase a swimming toy, so here he is playing with it on a couple occasions.

Daddy and Caleb playing in the new pool

Caleb and his buddy playing in the pool.

We also went to the zoo for Feast with the Beasts here in Madison.  Caleb and mommy got a picture with a lion.  I don’t have a really good picture of it, but later on Caleb thought it would be fun to play with the lion’s tail…it was hilarious because the guy in the suit didn’t know what to do.

Caleb, Mommy, and a lion.

Mandy watched one of Caleb’s buddies the other night, they were having a lot of fun just hamming it up.

Hamming it up.

Finally, the obligitory 4th

of July picture of him in red, white, and blue.  We were over at a friends house and I got this picture.

4th of July

I hope you had a great 4th and hope you enjoyed the pictures.