September 30, 2008

The Green Bible…REALLY?

I’m on the road in Dixon, IL for work right now and was reading Time magazine (pg. 57 of the 9/29/2008 issue) while I took a break from working (I usually put in really long days when I am on the road because I don’t have anything better to do so it is not irregular for me to work a 14 – 16 hour day, including travel time, when I am on the road) and I ran across an article talking about the The Green Bible.  REALLY?  Talk about majoring on the minors…from what I can tell, it doesn’t highlight the words of Jesus but all the verses that deal with the environment are in forest green.  Don’t get me wrong, I am all for stewardship, but c’mon…is this really what we want to focus on?  I thought we were supposed to be leading the charge not following the new green tree hugging fad that is going around our culture right now.  Do I think that Christians should be leading the charge when

it comes to being better stewards of the Earth?  You Bet!  Do I think these guys missed the boat completely, You Bet!  Anyway, enough of my rant…have a great night.