November 2, 2008

It just keeps getting better…

It doesn’t happen often, I know, but I (Mandy) decided to blog tonight.

Life just keeps getting better.  I think this month has just been a month of me realizing this over and over again.  Caleb continues to get more fun every month.  The business is doing well, even when the economy is so rough these days (God is so faithful).  We found time to can 98 pints of homemade applesauce (with lots of help from our friends Matt and Allison and the apple machine the Stivers gave us)!  We moved Caleb to a big boy bed! I celebrated my 10 year reunion from SHS (crazy) ! Lastly Caleb was the cutest darn gorilla ever for the Fall Party at preschool on Wednesday (mommy went in her pajamas…. I wasn’t super creative this year, but very comfy 🙂 )

Here are the pictures to prove that all I say is true 🙂Caleb getting his beauty sleep in his new big boy bed

Caleb in his big boy bed!

Caleb in his \

Caleb in his “Mi-eee Mowse” bed!

Canning is hard work :)

It’s hard work canning applesauce 🙂

See how much better the water table is than canning applesauce?

It’s much more fun playing in the water table than canning!

The night of my 10 year reunion (did I mention my husband was the hottest guy in the room as always :0) )

The night of my 10 year reunion  (Did I mention my husband was the hottest

t guy in the room(as always!)!)

Told ya he looked cute!

I told ya he was cute!

One Comment on “It just keeps getting better…

Erin Bakker
November 3, 2008 at 11:50 am

You weren’t lion, he sure is cute……Oh shoot….he was a gorilla, not a lion 😉 just teasing….By the way, I love the “Mi-eee Mowse” bed! Although these pictures sure make me miss you guys. I realize I see you once a week, but frankly? That’s just not enough Miles for me! 🙂
Love you all!

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