January 3, 2009


2 Year olds can say the funniest things.

I didn not witness this exchange in person because I was flat on my back sick on New Years Day, but when Mandy recounted this conversation to me I laughed really, really hard.

Caleb (looking at the nativity scene in our kitchen): It’s a baby!

Mandy: Yes, Caleb it is a baby.

Caleb: It’s a BABY!

Mandy: Yes, Caleb, it’s a baby.

Caleb: baby sleeping.

Mandy: Yes, Caleb the baby is sleeping.

Caleb: Wake up baby.

Mandy: That’s baby Jesus.

Caleb (at the top of his lungs): WAKE UP JESUS!!!!!!!!

Mandy: No, no, we don’t yell at baby Jesus.

Caleb (very quietly): wake up Jesus.

Maybe you don’t find that as funny as I do, but I hope you do, Caleb is so stinking cute.

For those of you who keep up…my son is following in my footsteps…you know how I have the potato head gang…

Potato Head Gang

Well for Christmas, my son got a pirate spud and a winter spud…take a look…

New Potato Heads


so proud…

I hope your new year is off to a great start.  I hope to be blogging more this year.  Things have been pretty hectic lately but hopefully they will slow down sometime soon.