August 30, 2009 is going to be changing…

For those of you who are actually still reading the blog…if there are indeed any of you out there.  I wanted to make you aware, that in the next few weeks, is going to be going through some changes.

Before Caleb was born, I actually used this blog as a blog.  People liked my outlook on life and the perspectives

I shared.  Since Caleb was born, this blog has basically been about him and posting pictures of him.  I still do have an opinion and would like to continue sharing that opinion.  So when the new site is rolled out, Caleb (and his sister Carrie) will have their pictures posted on the site, but the blog is mine!  Mandy may still post from time to time, but for the most part the blog was my toy and I want it back (can you tell I have been hanging out with an almost 3 year old?).

One thing that the blog will contain will be reviews (book and movie) which is something that I used to do fairly regularly.  I want to become one of the Thomas Nelson book reviewers, as well as other companies once I start getting into the swing of things.

Anyway, consider yourself warned, you have no excuse anymore.