April 8, 2010

Book Review – What’s in a Word? – Webb Garrison

_240_360_Book.160.cover In my time reviewing books for Thomas Nelson publishers through their Book Sneeze program I have tried to make sure that I review several different types of books.  I continued with that trend when I picked out What’s in a Word? by Webb Garrison.  I was intrigued because I love random trivia so I thought this would be an engaging read.  As I write this, I am torn.  There were parts of the book that I really enjoyed but at times the book was kind of a drag.  Garrison breaks the words up into 17 different categories then discusses the roots of over 350 words.  Am I more enlightened because of reading this book.  Yes.  But would I recommend this book as an engaging read for someone to sit down and plow through in a couple sittings?  No.  This book would make a great coffee table or bathroom reader.  The type of book that you read in bits and pieces.  Overall it was a good book, but you have to approach it with the right attitude.  Some of my favorite definitions are:

  • Character – p.37
  • Bring Home the Bacon – p.117
  • Cheese – p.121
  • Crisscross – p.201

If you are a trivia buff or random fact buff then I would recommend What’s in a Word? to you, but otherwise, I would recommend a pass.

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