May 2, 2010

Using the P90X Spreadsheet

p90xUPDATE: This tutorial also works with the Insanity spreadsheet I have built.

OK, so you have gone here to download the spreadsheet I created to help you track your P90X progress and now you want to know how it works.

First, I recommend saving a copy of the spreadsheet and working with a copy so that you can use the spreadsheet multiple times and keep a record of your progress.

Second, one overarching rule in this spreadsheet is do not put data in columns that are predominantly gray!  There are formulas in the sheets that are specified in gray columns, if you enter data in the gray columns it will delete the formula.

My wife and I are doing P90X together, therefore, this spreadsheet is configured to track information for 2 people.

Next, open the spreadsheet and go to the Configuration tab.  One the configuration tab, you will see the following 3 options.


Enter the names of the (up to) 2 people that are going to be tracked with this spreadsheet.  Then, enter the 1st day of your workout program.  This will come in handy in helping you figure out what workouts you are supposed to do on a given day.

Next, open the Tracking Sheet tab you will see on the left hand side that your dates are now filled in for you.


(Note: I am doing the Lean track so the workout column is set up to display that progression, if you want to do the Classic or Double Track, just replace the information in this column).

The following columns are specified in the spreadsheet to help you track your progress:

  • Workout Completed – I either put initials or notes in this column
  • Person 1 Weight – track person 1’s weight in this column.  Notice that if you put Person 1’s name on Configuration tab it shows up in the column header.
  • Weight Lost – do not enter information into this column, as you enter more data, this will become an auto-calculating column.
  • Person 2 Weight
  • Weight Lost
  • Person 1 Body Fat – enter your body fat into this column.  We have a scale that gives us this information.  If you do not have a scale that does this, don’t worry about this column or the next.
  • Diff – the auto-calculating column keeping track of how much fat weight you have lost.
  • Person 1 Body Fat % – our scale tracks this separately so we are entering it in.
  • Diff
  • Person 2 Body Fat
  • Diff
  • Person 2 Body Fat &
  • Diff
  • Person 1 Waist – we purchased a cloth measuring tape to measure our progress as well as just looking at our weight.  We measured our waist at the belly button (it is important to have a point of reference when taking measurements).
  • Diff
  • Person 2 Waist
  • Diff
  • Person 1 Bicep – we are measuring our biceps as well to see how our bodies are changing.
  • Diff
  • Person 2 Bicep
  • Diff
  • Person 1 Thigh – we are measuring our thighs to see how our bodies are changing.’
  • Diff
  • Person 2 Thigh
  • Diff

After you start entering data on the Tracking Sheet tab, you can go to the Person 1 Graph and Person 2 Graph tabs to see a graphical representation of your measurements.

Good luck on your P90X journey, don’t forget to Bring It!  Hopefully this spreadsheet helps.

Update: 11/21/2010

This spreadsheet is in no way affiliated with BeachBody and is provided as is with no explicit or implied warranty.

4 Comments on “Using the P90X Spreadsheet

May 8, 2012 at 12:02 am

Thanks for making this spreadsheet – my friend and I started working out today, and quickly realized pen and paper wouldn’t cut it for keeping track for us.  This is awesome! :o)

Jeff Miles
May 8, 2012 at 6:42 am

You’re welcome, if you need help on your P90X journey, please let me know and I can offer encouragement. I am starting my 3rd round of P90X next week.

October 14, 2013 at 8:23 am

Great spreadsheet. Can’t wait to use it. I am having trouble with the dates though. When I enter the starting date on the first page it’s fine, but when I go to the spreadsheet it comes up all weird. Am I entering the date wrong? I type in 10/14/2013 or 10/14/13 and it happens both ways?

Jeff Miles
October 21, 2013 at 3:22 pm

Darryl, glad you are liking the spreadsheet. Can you tell me a little bit more about how you are using it (Mac/PC, what version of the operating system as well as what version of Microsoft Office you are using)? Thanks.

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