September 7, 2010

Book Review: The Butterfly Effect – Andy Andrews

The Butterfly EffectThe Butterfly Effect continues on a concept started in Andrew’s best selling book The Noticer.  In this unassuming, beautifully illustrated short book Andrews talks about how the actions of one person can affect history for hundreds of years.  To elaborate more than this would spoil the experience of the book.  But I can say that everyone should read this book to get a little “perspective” as Jones would say.

Weighing in at only 107 pages, this book is an amazingly quick read.  I read it in the span of about a half hour.  I loved the illustrations and the format of this book.  The beauty of the book helped the words have their intended impact as I considered how the inaction of one person could have irrevocably altered the history of our planet in a way that would have been catastrophic.  Then, Andrews pointed his finger at me and asked me to realize how my actions could affect history as well.

Overall, I would tell you that you have to read every book Andy Andrews has ever written (I have read 3 so far and every one of them is amazing).  The reason that I haven’t yet written reviews on the other two books of his that I have read is that I’m not sure I can do them justice in a review.  Eventually I will muster up the courage to write the reviews, but for now, just take my word and click on the [affiliate] links below and buy every one of his books.

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