October 27, 2010

Book Review: Let's Do Lunch – Roger Troy Wilson

letsdolunch_coverIf you know me, then you know that since I stopped playing college football at Drake University and entered the “real world” and started driving a desk, I have been waging the battle of the bulge.  So when Let’s Do Lunch was available through Thomas Nelson’s BookSneeze program, I decided to get the book to see what the author had to say.

I’ll first say that this is not your normal weight loss book, (I’ve read a few, listed at the end of this post).  Roger Wilson never claims to be a health and/or fitness professional.  What Roger does claim is that he lost 230 pounds using this plan and has kept it off for 15 years.  Another anomaly is that throughout this plan you eat as much food as you want, what matters is the kind of food and when.  The other non-health professional diet book that I have read is The Jerusalem Diet by Ted Haggard and they both share essentially the same approach in that the author is speaking from personal experience as to what has worked for them to lose the weight that they wanted.  Where I feel this book falls short is the lack of medical evidence from a certified medical professional validating what the author is stating.  The author does mention that his doctor’s weighed in and said that he was healthy, but I am a thinker, I want to know why the diet works, I didn’t feel like I got that with this book.

Do I recommend this book, yes, wholeheartedly because let’s face it, America is fat and will this book help people lose weight, yes.  But this gets to my next point.  In reading this book, and talking to people who work for another diet system (a potential customer of mine actually) I am noticing another alarming trend, less and less emphasis on working out or attaining a certain

level of physical fitness.  The author mentions briefly that working out is good, but he doesn’t really recommend working out.  The other diet system actually discourages you from working out…that scares me…because it takes the focus off the real issue.  Are you overweight, yes, but just attacking your weight is not going to solve your problem because you are losing weight to get healthy.  Our bodies are an amazing machine that if properly functioning will heal itself and regulate itself.  So the correct approach should be to get healthy to lose weight which includes exercise for the sheer benefit of making you healthier, that is why while as my schedule starts to become “normal” again as I approach my health and fitness and fight the battle of the bulge while I may borrow some ideas from this book (frozen grapes are amazing) my main tool will be P90X.

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