April 24, 2011

Miles Family Easter 2011

Things have finally slowed down around the Miles household. A major project I was working on as part of my business Two Miles Solutions, LLC finished up this week and now we are able to scale back the amount of time that I work which means that I have more time to do things I like such as spending time with my family and blog.

For my first blog post, I want to post about my family since it has been so long since I have done so.

DSCN0434To say that we have had an eventful Easter weekend would be an understatement. It started on Thursday when Mandy’s family came to town. That day was pretty uneventful, but Mandy’s dad’s birthday was on Saturday so we decided to take him out to dinner then surprised him with a surprise birthday party with some friends that he had in town. You can see the picture of him blowing out the candles on the left. By that point, I was pretty wiped out so I went to bed while Mandy and her family hung out and talked for awhile.

Saturday morning started off with Waffles with the Easter Bunny at Yola’s Café. Here are a few pictures, enjoy!


Carrie was starting to warm up to the Easter bunny…


The Easter bunny thought it would be funny to shake her cottontail at the Clooten girls.


Caleb and Carrie playing at Yola’s


Mandy with the Easter Bunny


Allison and the Easter bunny getting their groove on!


The Miles family with the Easter bunny

Next we hung out at our house for a little bit…

Then got ready to go to the Fitchburg Easter Egg Hunt at McKee Farms park…


We had been told that Easter Egg Hunt was really a misnomer…and it was…the appropriate terms is really Easter Egg Dash…


We also found out that people are mean as the video below shows:


In case you couldn’t figure out what happened, Caleb was getting his Easter eggs (he was doing pretty well actually), then the wind caught his basket and tipped his eggs out which were promptly snatched up by the kids around him… This obviously broke his heart, then a little sweetheart girl saw him crying and gave him her 2 eggs. In the mean time, the little ones were finished with their eggs as well and as Carrie and I were looking for our friends that were there, I noticed a woman that was frantically searching for an egg with her young boy holding an empty bag. I dropped one of Carrie’s eggs between her

feet and tapped her on the shoulder. The woman was so frantic because her son was on the verge of meltdown that she didn’t notice my tap. She was starting to get out of my reach so I tried to tap her with my foot to get her attention which unfortunately turned into a kick when she switched direction (at least I got her attention). I pointed to the egg between her feet and her son promptly snatched it up. I apologized profusely to the woman for kicking her in the leg but she was so relieved that I gave her an egg that she forgave me right away.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, we went to HuHot and saw Soul Surfer which was an awesome movie.

DSCN0506Then, Sunday morning rolled around and Caleb found his Easter basket as we walked into the living room. The kids got to wear their Easter outfits that my mom made for them. We had an awesome service at Metro Believers Church, then ate lunch with a few of our friends at Abuelos.


Stylin and profilin the way to church…




Finally after a long day, Carrie was just tuckered out…


After naps were had, Uncle Michael gave the kids Tangled (great movie by the way, use the link to buy it from Amazon [affiliate link]) and we watched it as a family while we ate dinner.

Overall, it was a great weekend and we had a blast.