July 4, 2011

Book Review: Max on Life – Max Lucado

_225_350_Book.340.coverGut Reaction: Not quite the book that I was expecting, but a good book overall.

Rating: 3 out of 5

General Plot Synopsis: The trick about giving a general plot synopsis for a book like this is that the book really doesn’t have a plot. This book is similar to Now, That’s a Good Question by R. C. Sproul. This is basically a question and answer book where Max Lucado takes letters and other questions that he has received over the years and puts his answers in book form.

Extended Reaction: Before grabbing this book, I probably should have done a little research. If I had, I probably would have had a better gut reaction to this book. I was expecting typical Max Lucado style like He Still Moves Stones or He Chose the Nails. I was pleasantly surprised though at how much I enjoyed the book. While I don’t agree with Max theologically on every issue, it was an interesting look into Max’s mind where you could really see his heart for the people he has been leading for so many years. If you are a pastor or someone who regularly gets questions about what the Bible says about different everyday life issues, this would be a good book to add to your library.