December 23, 2011

Extreme Makeover Caleb's Room Edition

When we first moved into our house, we thought we hit the jackpot because in the room that became Carrie’s room the walls were yellow and there were beautiful murals of flowers and butterflies so she was set. Caleb’s room however was a chocolate brown color and we knew he didn’t like it, but we didn’t realize how bad he didn’t like it until he was showing someone around our house and told them about how he REALLY wanted a race car room. Now it was on…we decided that when his grandparents came up for Christmas that we would send Caleb and his sister to their Uncle Michael’s house where

Mama would watch them while we completely redid his room. So yesterday, at 8:30 we took the kids over to Michael’s house and then we got to work. We had pre-ordered all of the product we needed so we were ready to go. Uncle Michael came over and helped move furniture and paint and we got everything done except putting the room back together by 11:00 that night (we had to allow some time for paint to dry), then we got up and touched up the border and put the room back together in time for us to take a shower and pick Caleb and his sister up by 9:15 so that we could bring him back to unveil everything. Check out the video below for progress photos and the unveiling…