June 26, 2012

Book Review: Behemoth by Jonathan C. Leicht

behemothI wouldn’t say that I am necessarily a believer in young earth theory, there are certain aspects that make sense to me. As you obviously know, I am a believer and definitely a creationist so when I saw this book available I thought it might be a really good read. Before I get into the rest of the review, I want to point out that the author makes it very clear in what he is writing what his beliefs are and he definitely attacks the scientific community and their narrow minded views in this book so be warned if you are prone to get offended by this, this is not the book for you. That being said, I thought this was an extremely well written book

and would recommend it to any fiction fan. The author has definitely done his research and presents a very compelling story about the search for the lost Behemoth. The story follows two characters and their search

for what they believe are real live dinosaurs that are living in Africa and have remained hidden for centuries, one is Jim Thompson who runs the Masai Mara Game preserve in Kenya who starts his investigation when several of his elephants are gored to death. The second is Professor Stephen Gregory who after making known that he believes dinosaurs could still exist is relieved of his research position and given the opportunity to prove his theories are true.

As I said, I thought the book was a good read, even if it was a bit preachy at times. If you are looking for a little brain fodder on the creation/evolution debate you should definitely pick up Behemoth.