May 26, 2013

Do you need to eat?


photo credit: SpirosK photography (back!) via photopin cc

I ran across this article (How I stopped eating food) a few months back but dismissed it pretty quickly.

Then, I was at work a couple weeks ago and ended up in a conversation with a co-worker who made the comment that he wished he could just stop eating, it takes too much time. Which led to a conversation about the article that I read. After talking about it I went back and found the article and the article follow-up (Follow-up Post with Ingredients). As I read through the comments I realized that there must be a lot if people in this boat (He is even starting a crowdfunding effort because of the populatrity). This got me to thinking, would I EVER want to do this? I love to eat (as evidenced by the waistline that I am in the process of getting rid of)! I love the taste of food, any day of the week I would be more than willing to chow down on some Chinese food. I can’t imagine not tasting food. Then, you add in the social aspect of eating and I just can’t fathom not wanting to eat. What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments section below.