June 9, 2013

Book Review: Start by Jon Acuff

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A few weeks ago Michael Hyatt held a random drawing on his blog for 50 copies of Jon Acuff‘s book Start – Punch Fear in the Face | Escape Average | Do Work that Matters. I was fortunate enough to be picked as a winner. This book is awesome! I would definitely recommend it to anyone, especially anyone who wants to be awesome.

Jon starts off by talking about the 5 stages that every awesome life goes through in their life, the five stages traditionally are:

20’s Learning, we consume everything.

30’s Editing, narrowing down what we have learned and focusing on a couple key things.

40’s Mastering, we become experts at those couple things.

50’s Harvesting, we are blessed to reap what we have sown (good or bad).

60’s Guiding, we become educators of the upcoming generation.

Next, he talks about how with the advent of the internet the timeline above is null and void, anyone can reach any of those stages at any point in their life. Anyone can reach awesome…the key is you have to start and that is the hang up for most people, they never start on the road to awesome, so they stay mediocre for their entire life. I don’t want to spoil anymore of the book so I will leave it at that and let you read the rest for yourself, which you should because this is an excellent book. Head on over to Amazon and pick it up here, you won’t regret reading this book.