June 2, 2013

Exercise Tips For Travelers

This is a guest post by Mike Manning. Mike is a fitness and healthy living enthusiast. You can find his future posts at

When we’re traveling, our normal routine is broken up so much that we can talk ourselves into believing we don’t have time to exercise.  Resist this temptation!  Maintaining your exercise regimen will help you combat travel-related stress by relaxing you and giving you energy.  Plus, it’ll be much harder to start your routine again once you’re back home if you haven’t been keeping it up during the days you’ve been away.  This article will show you that when it comes to travel, there’s always opportunities to exercise!

What You Can Do On Your Own

Resistance bands – You don’t need to bring your whole gym with you to get a good workout.  Resistance bands can take the place of your free weights, and they’re easy to carry around.  You can get a healthy workout with just one!

Travel yoga mats – The great thing about yoga is that you can do it anywhere.  If push comes to shove, you don’t need an actual mat to practice yoga, but if you prefer having the comfort and stability under your feet, there are a number of travel yoga mats available on the market.

Staying at a Health-Conscious Hotel

While in the process of booking a hotel, try to find one that has an adequate gym.   Read online hotel reviews to see what other traveler’s have to say about the hotel’s workout facilities. On my most recent trip to Maui I was able to book a hotel with a great fitness center by doing just that. I checked through reviews on all the Maui hotels here and was able to discern which ones had facilities open for my schedule.  If you’re a runner who needs that morning jog before you start your day, call the hotel to see if there are any nearby jogging trails.

Luckily, the hotel industry is creating more services geared towards exercise-needy travelers.  Some chains offer individual rooms for private workouts; others are creating entire brands around staying fit.  For example, The Viceroy Santa Monica in California offers a one-hour exercise boot camp in the morning, similar in style to what’d you find at a military camp!

Exercising at the Airport

Hotels aren’t the only industry that’s jumping on the exercise traveler train.  Airports are now promoting good workout habits as well.   The Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport joined forces with the American Heart Association and built a 1.4-mile walking path in one of their terminals, allowing travelers to put in some good cardio work between flights.  Meanwhile, the San Francisco International Airport holds the distinction of being the first airport to house a yoga studio.

When it comes to traveling, it looks like we’re out of excuses for falling out of shape.  Do you have any exercise tips for frequent travelers?  Share your ideas in the comment section!