December 5, 2013

2013 Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit – Day 3

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Disruptive Fun

The keynote speaker this morning was Ze Frank, the Executive VP for BuzzFeed. He talked about the 3 major disruptions in his life and how they got him to where he was. The cool part about this keynote is that he was able to take his learnings from the media world and apply them to IT and essentially say that the core fundamentals that every company deals with are the same. He shared some beautiful and hilarious stories from his journey and overall it was a great talk. If you ever have a chance to listen to Ze Frank I would definitely recommend it, he is a very insightful communicator that you will have a great time learning from.

Ten Essential Principles of Modern Application Architecture

This session was a great wrap up to all the things that I heard over the course of the summit. The basis was a service oriented architecture, then from there you can build the quick delivery context aware applications that we need to move towards amidst the Nexus of Forces.


Overall, I thought the summit was a great conference and I learned a lot of things I can take back and begin to push the implementation of at our company. I wish though that others from my company had been here, especially from our integration group.