Book Review: Of Stillness and Storm by Michele Phoenix

I was very surprised at this book. I wasn’t paying attention very well apparently because the tagline for the book had me thinking this was a sci-fi/fantasy novel so when I was offered a review copy, I jumped at the chance. As I started reading, I thought I had been suckered into reading a romance […]

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Fatal Tide – An East Salem Trilogy Novel by Lis Wiehl & Pete Nelson

I really have to stop picking up series in the middle to end of the series. After really liking the Heart of Ice – A Triple Threat Novel by Lis Wiehl I figured I would give her another shot and picked up Fatal Tide. I picked well. Even without the background of the first 2 […]

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Afloat by Erin Healy

Afloat follows the inhabitants of Eagle’s Talon, a spectacular floating community, as they deal with a series of events that threaten to tear apart everything that they hold dear. Masks will be torn off, relationships tested, and faith restored. Initially, I was very excited to review Afloat. I had previous experience with Erin Healy with […]

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Book Review: Babylon’s Falling: The Story of Belteshazzar, Also Known as Daniyyel by William G. Collins

I love this genre. Some of my favorite movies are Gladiator, Braveheart, & The Patriot. Some of my favorite books are The Mark of the Lion Series, & the Sons of Encouragement Series. The reason that I love this genre so much is that it fills in the gaps for me, it gives me a […]

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