Liz Wiehl

Fatal Tide – An East Salem Trilogy Novel by Lis Wiehl & Pete Nelson

I really have to stop picking up series in the middle to end of the series. After really liking the Heart of Ice – A Triple Threat Novel by Lis Wiehl I figured I would give her another shot and picked up Fatal Tide. I picked well. Even without the background of the first 2 […]

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Book Review: Heart of Ice – A Triple Threat Novel by Liz Wiehl & April Henry

In this book the Triple Threat club of Allison, Nic, & Cassidy are on the case of a very cunning killer with absolutely no moral conviction whatsoever. Crime dramas like Law & Order, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, NCIS, & CSI are some of my favorite types of TV shows so when it came […]

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