Microsoft TechEd Day 4

I made it to the final day of TechEd with my brain still intact and am almost completed with the template for a Phillips 66 Branded Single Page Application Template based on the SPA session yesterday so I think the conference has been a success. I am brimming with ideas that I can take back […]

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Microsoft TechEd Day 3

What has cracked me up every morning this week is that they take a bunch of geeks (who in general do not like a lot of attention) and basically make them feel like they are walking down the red carpet for each meal. Developing iOS and Android Apps with Windows Azure Mobile Services – Chris […]

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Microsoft TechEd Day 2

Wow, if I thought that my brain was full after day 1, it is overflowing now. If the theme yesterday was convergence, the theme today in the sessions I went to was convenience. Below is my assessment of the sessions I went to.   Building Windows Store Line-of-Business Apps – Brian Noyes – @briannoyes I […]

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Microsoft TechEd Day 1

I am currently in New Orleans, Louisiana for Microsoft TechEd. So far it has been an absolute blast, but I think by Thursday, my head might explode! While I don’t intend to live blog the event (one of my co-workers recommended I bring a Go Pro to the event and have that attached to my […]

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